Solar Energy Solutions

Split Solar Water System

A split solar water heating systems uses a high efficiency solar collector Integrated in to the roof of the building perfectly and a high pressurized storage tank in the house. They have an auxiliary electric heater booster in the tank, to provide hot water in case of cloudy or rainy days, you will not need to worry about it.No water inside the tube, the system can still be in service even with several tubes breakage.


Pressurized Integrated Solar Water System

A highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency of over 70% Withstands pressure of up to 9 bars and can be connected directly to a water pump. Water does not flow inside the evacuated tube therefore the system can still work even with several tube breakages. In the cold climate can be used together with an electric booster hence can be used all year round.


Swimming Pool Heating

With minimal maintenance, our commercial pool solar heaters are worth to purchase. It can heat large volumes of water in a short span of time


Centralized Solar System

Centralized solar water heating system is designed based on customers’ water consumption. By collecting the solar heat it can heat a great amount of water that can accommodate tens of hundreds of people, its best used with institutions


Integrated Solar Street Lights

During the day the system converts the suns energy into electricity and stores it in to high reliable battery system to provide green illumination at Night. Plus three days worth of backup energy. Advantages: • Solar modules are made of high efficiency back-contact solar cells. • Use high capacity batter. • Light in weight, easy installation, no need for extra cable or wiring. • Intelligent control, safety and stability.


Off-Grid Solar System

    With the off grid solar system you are totally independent from the grid power sources. Gives you the freedom of power stability and control of consumption. Can be used in houses, gardens, street lights etc