Our Main Services


We are a locally based solar company providing imported sustainable clean energy solutions tailored to match the Kenyan customer's needs.


We offer installation of the following products:
1. Solar water heating systems:-Our Solar Water Heating Systems come in three respective categories: • Integrated system • Split system • Centralized system
2. Solar PV systems: - We also install solar Photovoltaic power systems where we provide solar power for lighting homes yards street lighting etc
3. Power Backups Our installed electric backups ensure that you have power even in times of blackouts. We install an efficient power bank that will meet your electric needs in times of blackouts. The changeover from the main grid to your backup system and back to the main grid is seamless.
4. Wind turbine. This is where we have the speed of the wind turn an erected wind turbine to provide enough energy to provide power to a particular source. Wind energy has been known to Power Institutions, Water Pumps, street lighting and to the national grid that can be used all over the country to satisfy our energy needs.


Our maintenance plan is a cost effective solution to prolong the life of your solar system, keeps it performing at its highest rate, and decrease the risk of failure of different components, whether the components are under warranty or not. In addition, it keeps your solar system in good shape and allows for fix budgeting for the maintenance of the system which might be pretty expensive in some cases.