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Meet your local independent Solar Company

At Solarpoints Technology we provide sustainable clean energy solutions tailored to match customer needs. We are based locally in Kenya, bringing appropriate local knowledge and experience using the breadth and depth of our resources to offer the best renewable energy solutions.

What we offer

To ensure that we deliver what we promise, we have a team of professionals who share a common vision and passion for providing quality services to meet customer expectations on complete and reliable solar installations. Our Solutions are:

What's New

POWER BACK-UPs Our electric backups ensure that you have power even in blackouts.We install an efficient power bank that will meet your electric needs in times of blackouts. >>>>

WATER PURIFIERs Equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even municipal / city county taps. >>>>

Our Main Services


We are a locally based solar company providing imported sustainable clean energy solutions tailored to match the Kenyan...
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We offer installation of the following products:
1. Solar water heating systems:-Our Solar Water Heating...
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Our maintenance plan is a cost effective solution to prolong the life of your solar system, keeps it performing at its...
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